RNA Dashboard has an addon for WHMCS that can be used to perform various configurations, including DNSSEC.

Downloading the DNSSEC Addon:

  • Login RNA Dashboard.
  • Click Settings menu.
  • Click API & Modules tab.
  • Click on the Download icon for the DNSSEC Addon.
  • The downloaded file will be named

Configuring the DNSSEC Addon:

  • Extract file
  • Place the extracted folder into the [WHMCSROOT]/modules/addons
  • Ensure that the rnadnssec.php file is located in the [WHMCSROOT]/modules/addons/rnadnssec RNA DNSSEC
  • Login to your WHMCS admin account and click on Setup followed by Addon Modules.
  • Find the module named RNA DNSSEC and click on Activate. Klik Activate
  • Enter your Reseller ID and API Key, then click Save Changes. Klik Save Changes