For the purpose of automatic tax invoicing, the RNA Dashboard provides a Tax menu. You can complete the required fields according to the tax information of each company.

Steps to complete the Tax information:

  • Login RNA Dashboard.
  • Click Settings menu.
  • Click Tax menu Tax
  • Fill in the NPWP Number field with the corresponding NPWP (Tax Identification Number) on the NPWP card.
  • Fill in the NPWP Name field with the name as stated on the NPWP card.
  • Fill in the NPWP Address field with the address as stated on the NPWP card.
  • Upload the NPWP document on the NPWP Files section. upload-npwp
  • Provide an active email address in the Email field.
  • Click Save.


  • Make sure the data filled in the Tax menu is valid.
  • The number, name, and address should match the details on the NPWP card.
  • For companies registered as VAT taxpayers (in Indonesia its called PKP), it is highly recommended to fill in the Tax menu.