Two-Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, is a security feature that requires two identification processes. When this feature is enabled, users can only log in to the RNA Dashboard using a security code or one time password (OTP) displayed on their authenticator application.

Some additional apps that can be used to generate security codes are:

  • Authy (iOS and Android)
  • Google Authenticator (iOS and Android)
  • Duo Mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Microsoft Authenticator (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone)
  • Password Manager (1Password, Bitwarden, etc)

These apps provide an extra layer of security by generating time-based or event-based security codes that are synchronized with your RNA Dashboard account.

Here's how to activate the 2FA feature:

  • Login RNA Dashboard.
  • Click Account menu. Account
  • Click Security menu.
  • Click Enable menu. Enable 2FA
  • Scan the QR Code that appears using one of the recommended apps mentioned above. Enter the OTP/security code that appears in the smartphone app. Scan QR Code


  • When the 2FA feature is enabled, you will be able to log in using a security code via the authenticator application you utilize.