Transfer Domain

Domain transfer is the process of moving a domain name from another provider. The other party can be another domain reseller or registrar. The transfer process is initiated by the new registrar, while the current domain provider prepares the domain for transfer.

Transfer Domain IN (Transfer To RNA)

  • Login RNA Dashboard.
  • Click Domains menu.
  • Click All Domains menu.
  • Click Transfer menu.
  • Fill in the domain name, EPP code, and customer information. Domain Transfer
  • If the customer account has not been created, create a new customer account by clicking on Add New. Fill in the customer's profile information. Once complete, click Save.
  • When the customer account is successfully created, choose the desired customer account.
  • Once all the required information is filled in, click Transfer.
  • The initiation process for domain transfer is successful, indicated by the message Transfer domain successfully.
  • After successful initiation, you need to wait for the domain transfer process to take place, which usually takes 5-10 days. Make sure to contact the previous domain provider (the old provider) to assist with the transfer approval.


  • The domain transfer process can be seen by clicking on the exclamation mark ! as shown in the example image below: Pending Transfer
  • The status will appear as shown in the example image below: Transfer Progress
  • For ID domains that require documents, the transfer process will proceed once the documents are complete and have passed verification.
  • If the domain transfer initiation process fails, please contact us at [email protected] or the provided WhatsApp contact.