REST API can be used to create web or desktop applications that are integrated with your REST account. This enables you to perform programmatic activities such as domain search, domain registration, domain transfer, and more through your own application.

With REST API, you can:

  • Sell domains, manage domains, and more through your application.
  • Manage customers and customer contacts.
  • Manage DNS.
  • And more.


The authentication method used is Basic Auth. To authenticate with Basic Auth, you need your reseller ID and API Key. You can generate an API Key by following the link provided this link.

Reseller Open API (Live Tester)

You can try the live tester version through https://openapi.sandbox-rna.id/. Then Click Authorize.

  • Reseller ID: (enter your reseller ID)
  • API Key: (enter your API Key)

If you want to try live tester via https://openapi.sandbox-rna.id/, make sure that the IP address you are using has been whitelisted when generating the API Key.