RNA Dashboard Account

This guide covers the configuration of a reseller account to make it ready for use. Before proceeding with this configuration, make sure that your reseller domain account is active and has been verified by the RNA Admin.

Profile Configuration

This configuration is useful for updating or changing the profile of a reseller domain account. Here's how to do it:

  • Login RNA Dashboard.
  • Click Settings menu.
  • Resellers can update or change their reseller domain account profile through the Settings menu by filling in the provided fields. Then click Save.
  • There are several fields that cannot be changed, such as reseller ID, business/company name, type, email, subdomain, and country.


Please make sure that the profile data of the reseller account is matched with the uploaded documents.

  • For the personal or individual category, the name and address fields can be adjusted to match with the ID card (KTP).
  • For the company category, the company name and address fields can be adjusted to match the company's NPWP (tax identification number).