Reseller Agreement

The Reseller Agreement is valid and effective from the date you electronically agree to the terms as a Reseller, an agreement between PT. Registrasi Neva Angkasa (RNA), a company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and yourself (Reseller).

RNA is an accredited PANDI registrar responsible for processing domain registrations, renewals, and transfers using RNA credentials in WHOIS information.

The Reseller will provide registration services and handle all technical, support, and administrative aspects related to domain services.

1. Definitions
  1. "Account Balance" refers to the funds that Reseller must maintain to conduct transactions. The amount can be found on the RNA Dashboard.
  2. "Business days" mean weekdays, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.
  3. "ccTLDs" refer to top-level domain codes for each country, such as .id for Indonesia.
  4. "Confidential Information" means all data, information, including but not limited to web applications, computer software, databases, protocols, system displays, invoices, documentation, APIs, provided by RNA to the Reseller under this agreement, whether written, delivered, or orally communicated through the website.
  5. "Currency" refers to the USD (United State Dollar) currency used by RNA for international reseller transactions.
  6. "Registrar" means PT Registrasi Neva Angkasa as an accredited PANDI registrar.
  7. "Registry" is the organization responsible for the general administration of top-level domains.
  8. "Reseller Program" is RNA`s program that allows individuals or organizations to resell RNA`s products and services.
  9. "Registrant" refers to the individual or company registering a domain name through the Reseller.
  10. "RNA Dashboard" is the platform used by the Reseller to manage domain services.
2. Registrar's (PT RNA) Rights and Obligations
  1. RNA will provide the latest version of the Reseller Agreement and notify the Reseller of any updates or new versions of the Reseller Agreement via email or the RNA Dashboard.
  2. In accordance with PANDI Domain Name Registration policies.
  3. RNA will verify the registered domain name's email address by sending a verification email and also verify the document requirements for domain names that need to be provided for activation.
  4. RNA will notify the Reseller of any trademark/copyright infringement reports. If any action is taken, the rules will follow the PANDI Domain Name Dispute Settlement (PPND).
  5. RNA will inform the Reseller contact if there are registrants who contact RNA regarding payment/domain management information.
  6. RNA releases the PANDI Registry from any losses arising from the provision of services, withdrawal, or delay in activation or other actions on the Domain Name as a result of executing a court or arbitration decision or an institution with the legal authority to order the Registry to enforce its decision.
  7. RNA neither endorses nor takes responsibility for the accuracy of third-party content, and you agree that RNA is not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from your use and reliance on such content.
  8. RNA has the right to SUSPEND domain names with indications of copyright infringement or references to illegal activities.
  9. RNA is not responsible for domain names that are registered and included in the TrustPositif+ Kominfo.
3. Reseller's Rights and Obligations
  1. The Reseller agrees not to process and sell personally identifiable information collected from Registered Domain Names in any way.
  2. The Reseller agrees to take reasonable precautions to protect personal data information from loss, disclosure, misuse, alteration, and destruction.
  3. The Reseller shall not make any changes to any domain name information without the consent or authorization of the Registrant.
  4. The Reseller acknowledges that Domain Names registered through the Reseller are fully owned by the Domain Name Registrant.
  5. The Reseller shall not display the Accredited PANDI logo or represent themselves as an Accredited PANDI Registrar.
  6. The Reseller shall comply with RNA in the event of an investigation by the Police Department.
  7. The Reseller agrees to establish Domain Name Registration policies for Registrants based on the "Reseller Agreement."
  8. The Reseller agrees not to provide any Domain Name Registrations for illegal activities. See section "Use of Domain Names" (8).
  9. The Reseller shall manage after-sales services and billing for users or Registrants.
  10. The Reseller agrees to indemnify and hold RNA and all of its employees, and other customers harmless from and against any claims, losses, costs, liabilities, damages, or expenses arising out of your postings.
  11. The Reseller agrees to be responsible for any harm or loss of services that endangers the registrar (RNA) as a result of illegal activities.
  12. The Reseller releases the PANDI Registry from all losses that may arise from the provision of services, withdrawal, or delay in activation or other actions on the Domain Name due to the execution of a court or arbitration decision or an institution with the legal authority to order the Registry to enforce its decision.
  13. The Reseller agrees to be responsible for each domain management activity, including:
    1. Registration, renewal, transfer, restoration, deletion, and suspension.
    2. Nameservers and child nameservers.
    3. Forwading
    4. DNS dan DNSSEC
    5. Domain contacts (registrant, admin, technical, and billing)
    6. Auth code or kode EPP
    7. Theft protection
    8. Verification status
    9. Whois protection
4. Reseller's Presence
  1. When the Reseller cannot be contacted by the Registrant, RNA will attempt to communicate with the Reseller. If there is no response from the Reseller within 7x24 hours, RNA will transfer the Domain to another Reseller, allowing the Registrant to manage or renew the Domain.
  2. The Registrant must validate using the Registrant's email in the WHOIS Information and provide the EPP/Auth code.
5. Domain Price
  1. You can see the domain prices on the Domain Pricing page.
  2. Domain restoration is the process of reactivating a domain name that has entered the redemption period.
  3. The restoration fees for domains vary depending on each domain extension, generally starting from 400% of the regular domain renewal price.
  4. Please contact us for the details on restoration fees.
6. Government Law
  1. This Reseller Agreement is governed by Indonesian law. By this, the Reseller and the Registrant agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Indonesia.
7. Domain Name Policies

The Reseller and Registrant must comply with all standards, policies, and practices imposed by the Registry, including but not limited to the requirements in the following links:

  1. Domain .id:
8. Dispute Policies
  1. The Registrant is responsible for the registered domain.
  2. Indonesian Domain disputes will follow PANDI's policies and will be mediated by PPND.
9. Use of Domain Names
  1. The Registrant is not allowed to use the domain for illegal activities, as mentioned below:
    1. Gambling
    2. Pornography
    3. Phishing
    4. Illegal drugs
    5. Scams
    6. Software destruction
    7. Spam
    8. Malicious emails
    9. Fake news (hoaxes)
    10. Inappropriate content, copyright infringement, and misleading information
    11. And the others that are against the laws of the Indonesian Government.
10. Force Majeure Event
  1. In this clause, "Force Majeure Event" means an event beyond the control of the Registrar and Reseller that prevents a Party from fulfilling its obligations under this Reseller Agreement, including but not limited to:
    1. Acts of God (such as fire, explosion, earthquake, drought, tidal wave, and flood)
    2. War (whether declared or not), invasion, acts of foreign enemies, mobilization, embargo, and others.
    3. Rebellion, revolution, or military, or usurpation of power or civil war.
    4. Acts or threats of terrorism.
  2. The affected Party prevented from performing its obligations under the Reseller Agreement must notify the other party of a force majeure event after it is estimated by or known to the affected party.
  3. Neither the Registrar nor the Reseller shall be considered in breach of this Reseller Agreement to the extent that the performance of their obligations (excluding payment obligations) is prevented by a force majeure event that arises after this Reseller Agreement is agreed upon.
11. Reseller Account Termination
  1. The Reseller account will be temporarily suspended if RNA deems there is an indication of a violation of all provisions of this Reseller Agreement. In less than 24 hours after the suspension notification, RNA will provide the reason and an explanation of the violation.
  2. After the Reseller receives the temporary suspension notice along with the reason and an explanation of the violation, RNA and the Reseller can then hold discussions to reach a mutual agreement. The outcome of the mutual agreement may include permanent suspension or suspension cancellation, on the condition that:
    1. The Reseller is willing to comply with all the provisions of this Reseller Agreement,
    2. The Reseller is not repeating the violation or violating other provisions in this Reseller Agreement.
12. Privacy Policy

RNA highly values the privacy of domain resellers. This is because personal information is crucial and should not be known to anyone. The explanation of the privacy policy is provided on the following page.

13. Protection of Personal Data

By using RNA's domain reseller services, you agree to abide by the terms of this Personal Data Protection policy. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data in accordance with applicable laws.

  1. RNA may collect personal information from domain resellers. This information includes names, contact information, email addresses, demographic data, financial transactions, support ticket history, and other information related to customer services and offers.
  2. The above information is collected solely for the purpose of providing domain services, account management, and compliance with legal requirements.
  3. The collected personal information will be used to provide domain services, process payments, and maintain account security.
  4. We take reasonable security measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, unauthorized use, or unauthorized disclosure.
  5. Personal information will be stored for as long as necessary to provide domain services and fulfill legal obligations.
  6. The information that can be provided is limited to the place where the domain is registered according to the data in WHOIS or the domain provider used.
  7. Domain resellers have the right to access, update, or delete their personal information stored by us.
  8. Requests to delete personal information must be submitted through tickets and the registered reseller account. This process must receive approval from RNA.
  9. This privacy policy may be revised from time to time.
  10. The use of services after changes implies agreement with the updated privacy policy.
14. Deposit
  1. Reseller account balance are non-refundable.
Last Updated: 1 January 2024